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Garmin Dash Cam 10 vs Dash Cam 20

A comparison chart of product features and specifications between Garmin Dash Cam 10 and Dash Cam 20 action camera.

Note: This comparison by GPSCompared is a basic guide based on Garmin published specifications and features at their official website. And by no means that this comparison is definitive. There might be other similarities and differences which are not covered here.

Garmin Dash Cam
Garmin Dash Cam 10Garmin Dash Cam 20
ModelsGarmin Dash Cam 10
Garmin Dash Cam 10
Garmin Dash Cam 20
Garmin Dash Cam 20
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What's Difference
Physical Specifications
Weight115 g121 g
What's Common
Dimensions (WxHxD)6.60 cm x 8.21 cm x 3.69 cm6.60 cm x 8.21 cm x 3.69 cm
Screen2.3" TFT LCD2.3" TFT LCD
Frame rate30 FPS30 FPS
Incident detection (G-Sensor)YesYes
Battery lifeup to 1 hourup to 1 hour
Storage on microSD
4 GB microSD card (included) - 6 files: 48 minutes, 1080p; 2.2 hours, 720p; 4.8 hours, VGAYesYes
8 GB microSD card (sold separately) - 15 files: 96 minutes, 1080p; 4.4 hours, 720p; 9.6 hours, VGAYesYes
16 GB microSD card (sold separately) - 30 files: 192 minutes, 1080p; 8.8 hours, 720p; 19.2 hours, VGAYesYes
32 GB microSD card (sold separately) - 60 files: 384 minutes, 1080p; 17.6 hours, 720p; 38.4 hours, VGAYesYes
Official Specs and Features
Learn more from the manufacturer site.Read more about Garmin Dash Cam 10 at garmin.comRead more about Garmin Dash Cam 20 at
Amazon Customer Reviews
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Note: Amazon tend to group a few models into one section of customer reviews (i.e models that belong to same series). So when you read a review do look at which model the review refers to.
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$110.45 Garmin Dash Cam 10 at
15% off from original price of $129.95 .Offer is for new customers only. Use code TRIPLE15 at checkout.
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Everyone is trying to convince us that the days of unruly roads have long gone, but accident happens. From a small accident of fender-bender to major road incidents, everything can get very fuzzy in an instant.

Argument with another driver is often inevitable and insurance claims are on the way. If there is something that can help to settle the dispute and see who is at fault and liable, it is a dash cam. The choices for dash cams are abundant in the market, two of which are the Dash Cam 10 and 20 by Garmin.

Garmin Dash Cam 10

The first noticeable thing from Dash Cam 10 is its small size, measuring at 6.6cm W x 8.21cm H x 3.69cm D and weighing at 115g. It fits in anybody’s hand, meaning it will not clutter your view of the road.

This Garmin Dash Cam 10 works from the windshield to record footage of your trip. It has 2.3-inch color display for playback, and footage is stamped with time and date. Garmin provides free Dash Cam player software for PC and Mac, allowing you to get more detailed playback and information of the footage.

The package includes vehicle suction cup mount and vehicle power cable. When the power cable is plugged, the camera will start recording the moment you turn on the car and it stops recording when the car is turned off.

Video footage is recorded in continuous loop mode; there will be multiple small files instead of one big video file. When it runs out of storage space, the oldest footage in the memory will be overwritten. A 4GB microSD card and adapter are included in the box as well, and it supports microSD up to 32GB capacity. Class 10 microSD is required.

Dash Cam 10 has a wide-angle lens to cover full view of the road. You can adjust exposure settings manually depending on the lighting conditions to get clearer footage. Supported resolutions include 1080p, 720p, and WVGA.

There is a built-in G-sensor which detects any sudden movement of the car for examples hard braking, cornering, or anything possibly caused by a collision. The camera will then save the current footage and prevent it from being overwritten.

Because Dash Cam 10 also has microphone it records both audio and video. This microphone can be turned off, preventing everything you say in the car from being recorded. The included suction cup allows you to remove the camera easily.

Should you need to take a picture of car damage or anything else for filing claims, the dash cam has photo capability too. When not connected to vehicle power cable, the battery can last for about 1 hour.

Garmin Dash Cam 20

At a glance, there is nothing different between Garmin Dash Cam 10 and 20. They are similarly designed and they have the same measurement and screen size. Both also have G-sensor and record at the same resolutions too.

However Garmin Dash Cam 20 is more fully featured thanks to GPS integration to make motes of longitude, latitude, time, date speed, and direction of your car in the footage.

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Disclaimer:Information provided is believed correct and true to the best of our ability based on the manufacturer published information. However, GPSCompared is not responsible for typographical errors or incorrect data. Please visit the official manufacturer product page for more details on the specifications and features
Note: This writer neither own this product nor have the personal experience in handling it. However this article is produced based on manufacturer published facts and other relevant sources (if applicable).

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