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GPS Navigator with Dash Cam

  • Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT
  • Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6-Inch Navigator
  • Magellan RoadMate 6220-LM DashCam Navigator

Standard definition of Defensive Driving is driving to save lives, time, and money despite of the road conditions. It also suggests that driving is not merely about mastery of car mechanism and understanding of traffic regulations, but it is also about smart measures to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating potentially dangerous situations despite the mistake of others.

The last two points are probably the most difficult, considering that it already requires great deal of concentration to pay attention to your own driving habits, lanes, traffic lights, and everything else around.

Sometimes it is also unclear whether any incident is your mistake or others, and this is where portable car navigator with built-in dash cam comes in. There are at least three notable models (among many) available in the market.

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT

Garmin DriveAssist 50 NA LMTEvery Garmin portable car navigator that comes with “Drive” term features helpful function called Driver Awareness. Based on driving map, the device provides alerts when you are approaching potentially incident-causing locations such as railroad crossings, school zones, new speed limit area, sharp curves, and more.

The Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT takes the awareness alert functionality even further by adding camera-assisted warning. Thanks to the built-in dash cam, the device can extend its warning system to provide 3 more alerts including Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Go Alert.

Forward Collision Warning is sent when you have no safe-braking distance between your vehicle and another ahead. The device determines speed by using an on-board GPS and calculates minimum safe distance to minimize possibility rear-end incident.

In case your car touches the safe distance boundary, the device will display warning on its 5-inch screen and make audible alerts. This feature is active when you are driving at 30 mph or more.

Lane Departure Warning delivers alerts when you are drifting to illegal lane. It is active when your car moves at the speed of at least 40 mph. Go Alert reminds you to move because the traffic light has turned green; it is active only when the vehicle ahead is in safe distance.

The DriveAssist 50LMT is preloaded with detailed maps of North America and free lifetime map and traffic updates. In addition, you can connect you smartphone via Bluetooth to make or receive hands-free phone calls and read text, emails, or any notification directly on the navigator’s screen.

Built-in dash cam is fully functioning with loop-recording mode and can automatically save incident occurrence along with its GPS stamp.

Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6-Inch Navigator

garmin nuvicamAnother offering from Garmin with a built-in dash cam is the Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6-inch Navigator. It is actually one of few outside the Drive series to feature Driver Awareness, albeit limited only to camera-assisted ones including Forward Collision Warning, Go Alert, and Lane Departure Warning.

The camera starts recording as soon you turn on the vehicle. It records in loop and divides the footage into many different parts. The first footage will be overwritten by the newer one when the SD card no longer has enough space to store new file without deleting another file.

It also has incident detection sensor to save and protect recorded file in case of incident so it cannot be overwritten afterwards. GPS stamps including time and location are included in the saved file as well.

Preloaded with detailed maps of North America, every NuviCam LMTHD is granted access to lifetime map updates from Garmin website free of charge. Traffic updates are available for free and sent directly to the navigator without requiring cellular network.

Even better, this is an HD Digital Traffic service updated every 30 seconds and voice-activated. Bluetooth technology is at your disposal to make hands-free phone calls.

Magellan RoadMate 6220-LM DashCam Navigator

Magellan RM6220-LM GPS NavigatorOne of the toughest competitors for Garmin is Magellan RoadMate 6220-LM navigator with 5-Inch screen. Equipped with an on-board camera, the device can record HD video in an endless loop. In case of incident, the camera triggers a G-Shock sensor to automatically protect the saved footage. Time and location data are saved with the recorded file too. There is almost no action required on your part.

RoadMate 6220-LM comes with free lifetime map updates and traffic camera alerts. Some useful warnings are for dangerous curves, railroad crossings, speed bumps, and school zone. This navigator, similar to the aforementioned Garmin devices, uses spoken guidance and recognizable landmarks as points of references rather than street names. There is no Bluetooth connectivity.

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