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Garmin viago GPS Navigation App for iPhone and Android

Garmin has announced the new premium Garmin viago GPS Navigation App for Android and iPhone, available now at Google Play and App Store for download.


When it comes to GPS-based navigation devices, Garmin is one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Garmin makes plenty of navigational gadgets for bikers, drivers, golfers, runners, and many more.

It is safe to say that smartphones can replace the needs for stand-alone navigational devices, but this assessment is not entirely correct. Smartphones’ abilities to deliver navigational functions depend entirely on the app it uses.

Garmin also takes part in this smartphone-apps battle with its new viago Navigation App for Android and iPhones. The viago brings many of Garmin’s navigational features such as lane assistance, junction views, traffic info, speed info, etc.

International Map Coverage

Similar to stand-alone GPS-based navigational devices by Garmin, there are options to search for any particular address on the map and navigate to the location by using audible turn-by-turn directions. You can also simply browse the map or search for POIs.

Garmin always differentiates between GPS devices for cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians, but you can use viago regardless you are travelling on foot or by any vehicle. The app even allows you to plan a route with multiple stops.

For basic features – One of the biggest advantages is that the app will always display latest online maps, so it does not use storage space on the smartphone. Viago provides navigation within one of the following regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and Middle East. The region will be determined based on user’s position at initial app start.

There are at least 4 basic preloaded features including lane assist, junction views, traffic info, and speed info. With lane assist and photoReal junction views, you can see realistic depiction on your Android or iPhone of any interchange, highway crossing, exit, and the proper lane to take before it is too late.

Speed and traffic info basically provides data of the speed limit on the road you are on and measure your own speed. Such information is displayed with color-coded map so you can see more clearly and avoid area where you might get problems.

In-App Purchases

The basic features of viago are available on all modern GPS-based navigational devices for car by Garmin. The good thing is that you can add more function through in-app purchases, allowing you to utilize the app even better.

Maps to Go

One of the optional additional features is Maps to Go. Once added, viago can be used to see maps even when there is no cellular reception or internet connection. Maps to Go brings the possibility to use it offline.

You can choose to save only the maps you need or all available regions; this add-on includes Australia region to the coverage. Of course, the saved maps will consume space on your data storage.

Once Maps to Go is added, you can add even more features such as speed camera alerts, alternative route suggestions, Garmin Real Directions, and Panorama View. Traffic Live information with incident alerts and reroutes does not require Maps to Go.

3-D building or landmarks

You can also add sound and 3-D building or landmarks on the map. With this feature, the app will display more comprehensive map with 3-D landmarks and even speak out the street names for you.

When you are driving, audible navigation can help you keep the eyes on the road while the app provides guidance. Some add-on features are available for iPhone users only including Urban Guidance (navigation for public transportation users) and themes.

Others available in-app options are Traffic Live. Mobile Alert Live, Garmin Real Directions™, Safety Kit and Panorama View 3D


What’s available in Basic version

  • International map browsing which requires data connection
  • Turn-by-turn navigation within your region
  • Lane assist with photoReal junction views
  • Displays current street, speed and speed limit

Optional in-app purchases

Add the optional in-app purchases to get a much better navigation experience

  •  Downloadable Maps to Go: navigate without a data connection and avoid roaming fees. Choose full or regional coverage.
  • Traffic Live: real-time traffic information with automatic rerouting
  • Sound & Buildings: spoken street names and 3-D buildings to aid in orientation
  • Mobile Alert Live: Alerts for mobile speed cameras as reported by fellow drivers.
  • Garmin Real Directions™: directions using landmarks, significant buildings and
  • traffic lights
  • Safety Kit: avoid trouble with speed and safety camera warnings, active lane guidance and alternative routes
  • Panorama View 3D: view surrounding terrain, including mountains, hills and valleys
  • Urban Guidance: navigate major cities on foot or by using public transportation (iPhone® only)
  • Bonus Package: Free option that lets you customize the look of your app with various map themes and vehicle icons (iPhone only)

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