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MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Vehicle Tracking System

With the MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can monitor your teen’s location as well as their driving behavior. This tracking system was developed with input from law enforcement and driving instructors, so that parents can be put at ease when their teen is driving.

The information that can be obtained from using this tracking system, will allow you to coach your teen into becoming a better driver. Statistics state that teens with parents who are involved in their driving practices are twice as likely to wear seat belts. They are also half as likely to be involved in an auto accident.

MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Vehicle Tracking System Specifications And Features

MotoSafety Tracking GPS
MotoSafety Tracking GPS
Modelmotosafety teen gps tracking
MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Tracking & OBD
Key Specifications & Features
Key FeaturesInstalls in seconds

Rates driver performance

Monitors safe driving behaviors

Shows locations in real time

Generates alerts for speeding and more

Signals unauthorized usage
Actual Size2.0" x 1.8" x 1"
Warranty1 year manufacturer's defect warranty applies to the MOTOsafety device
Monthly Airtime SubscriptionYes. It must be activated in order for the GPS tracking system to work.
Note:You do not need a data plan. The device has a built in cellular SIM card and the service is included in the price of monthly MOTOsafety fee.
Official Specs and Features
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Where To Buy
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An Introduction

The MotoSafety GPS device is easy to install. It can be installed within a matter of seconds, by plugging it into the OBD II port under the dash of cars and trucks that were manufactured after 1996. Once the GPS device is installed you can begin monitoring your teen’s driving activity. The activity can be viewed online or by using an app for IOS or Android.

The information that you can receive and monitor from this tracker are: speeding, braking and acceleration patterns. You will be able to view where your teen stopped and for how long. You can be notified when your teen drives faster than the speed limit.

There is a built in motion sensor, which detects rapid acceleration or starts. You can also set up your system, so that you receive unlimited alerts when there is an occurence of a driving situation that you are monitoring. The parent can also create a schedule of hours when their teen can drive. If the teen drives during an unapproved time, the parent will receive an alert.

The tracking for this GPS updates every minute, with coverage in all 50 states. It uses an interactive map, so that you can see the location of the vehicle in multiple views. The views that can be chosen on the map are street, hybrid and street level view.


There is also a feature in which the parent can set up Geofences. This is when the parent can indicate important locations on the map, such as school, work or a friend’s home. The parent can be notified when the vehicle drives to these locations and when they leave. It will take all of your teen’s trips and log them, so that you can view at anytime.

You can easily view the vehicle locations online and you can sign up to receive daily report cards on your teen’s driving. The report cards are emailed and there will be a rating for your teen’s driving for that day.

Monthly Airtime Subscription

There is a monthly airtime subscription that must be activated in order for the GPS tracking system to work.

In conclusion, there are so many features to the MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Vehicle Tracking System. If a parent is looking to be completely involved in their teen’s driving activities this is a product that can help. It allows you to set up the tracking device the way that you want, so that you can monitor your teen and receive alerts from anywhere.

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