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Garmin zumo 390LM vs 590LM

A product comparison between Garmin zumo 390LM and 590LM Motorcycle GPS Navigator. Comparing differences and similarities between the two Garmin.

Note: This comparison by GPSCompared is a basic guide based on published specifications and features at Garmin official website. And by no means that this comparison is definitive. There might be other similarities and differences which are not covered here.

Garmin Motorcycle GPS Navigator
Garmin zumo 390LMGarmin zumo 590LM
ModelsGarmin Zumo 390LM
Garmin zumo 390LM
Garmin Zumo 590LM
Garmin zumo 590LM
View the model availability and current price from AmazonGarmin Zumo 390LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle GPS NavigatorGarmin zumo 590LM Navigator
Introduction DateGarmin announced an introduction to zumo 390LM on September 5, 2013Garmin announced an introduction to zumo 590LM on April 2, 2014
What's Difference
Display size, WxH:3.7"W x 2.2"H (9.4 x 5.6 cm); 4.3" diag (10.9 cm)4.25"W x 2.55"H (10.8 x 6.5 cm); 5.0" diag (12.6 cm)
Display resolution, WxH:480 x 272 pixels, 480 x 272 pixels800 x 480 pixels
Display type:WQVGA color TFT with white backlighttransflective
Weight:9.5 ounces (270 g)13.2 ounces (374.5 g)
Battery life:up to 7 hoursup to 4 hours
3-D terrain view:NoYes
Voice prompts (e.g. "Turn right in 500 ft."):Yes (Internal speaker)Yes (using included mount)
Traffic compatible (routes around traffic with a receiver and subscription):Yes (in automotive mount)No
myTrends™ (predicts your routes):NoYes
MP3 player:NoYes
Additional:Dual orientation display: Yes

Round Trip: Yes

Service History Log: Yes

Track Support: Yes

Custom Map Support: Yes

Pandora® Support: Yes (with compatible phone)

Removable Battery: Yes

Up Ahead: Yes

Live traffic and weather radar via Smartphone Link app
What's Common
Physical dimensions:5.12"W x 3.7"H x 1.18"D (13.0 x 9.4 x 3.0 cm)5.12"W x 3.7"H x 1.18"D (13.0 x 9.4 x 3.0 cm)
Battery:rechargeable lithium-ionrechargeable lithium-ion
Headphone jack/audio line-out:YesYes
High-sensitivity receiver:YesYes
Water rating:IPX7IPX7
Preloaded street maps:YesYes
Includes lifetime map updates:YesYes
nüMaps Guarantee:YesYes
Built-in memory:internal solid stateinternal solid state
Accepts data cards:microSD™ card (Not included)microSD™ card (Not included)
Speaks street names (e.g. "Turn right ON ELM STREET in 500 ft."):YesYes
Lane assist (guides to proper lane for navigation):YesYes
Junction view (displays junction signs):YesYes
trafficTrends™ (calculates routes based on predicted traffic flow):YesYes
Auto sort multiple destinations (provides most direct route):YesYes
Choice of route setup (faster time, shorter distance, off road):YesYes
Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.):YesYes
Bluetooth® wireless techNology:YesYes
Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe):YesYes
Where Am I? (find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection):YesYes
Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest):YesYes
View upcoming points of interest along route:YesYes
Garmin Garage™ vehicles compatible (download car-shaped icons to your device):YesYes
Garmin Garage™ voices compatible (download custom voices to your device):YesYes
Additional:Trip Planner: Yes

Trip Log: Yes

Tire pressure monitor system: Yes; individual sensors sold separately

Curvy Roads routing: Yes

VIRB™ Control: Yes

TOPO Map Support: Yes
Trip Planner: Yes

Trip Log: Yes

Tire pressure monitor system: Yes, will support up to 4 tires; individual sensors sold separately

Curvy Roads routing: Yes

VIRB™ Control: Yes

TOPO Map Support: Yes

What's Unavailable
3-D buildings and landmarks view:NoNo
Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands):NoNo
Lifetime traffic updates (receive free lifetime traffic updates):NoNo
XM® compatible for U.S:NoNo
Enhanced pedestrian navigation (guides you as you walk around town):NoNo
Photo navigation (navigate to geotagged photos):NoNo
Garmin Lock™ (anti-theft feature):NoNo
Audio book player:NoNo
Official Specs and Features
Learn more from the manufacturer site.Read more about Garmin zumo 390LM at garmin.comRead more about Garmin zumo 590LM at
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View the model availability and current price from AmazonClick on this link Garmin Zumo 390LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle GPS NavigatorClick on this link Garmin zumo 590LM Navigator


Motorcycle GPS navigators from Garmin, the 390LM and 590LM, support route planning and provide other features to keep everything in control.

Garmin zumo 390LM

An important feature of a motorcycle GPS navigator is ruggedized design because the device is exposed to direct sunlight and all outdoor elements during a ride.

Garmin zumo 390LM comes with 4.3-inch touchscreen display producing 480 x 272 pixels resolution. Detailed maps of United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and millions of POIs are preloaded; more POIs can be manually added. Lifetime maps update is provided for free without subscription.

Garmin zumo 390LM has Bluetooth technology that connects to compatible helmet or headset so you can hear spoken navigation without distractions from noises on the road.

Also, if you pair your helmet or headset with a compatible phone, you can take or make hands-free calling directly from the navigator’s screen without touching your phone. In case you need to make reservation in restaurants or hotels, it is not necessary to stop at all; you can do this while you are riding.

The package includes mounting hardware for motorcycle with integrated power cable, a separate power cable, and additional suction cup for windshield.

Optimized for motorcycle, some navigational features in the zumo 390LM are similar to those of car GPS for examples Lane Assist with Junction View and Route Avoidance. When approaching intersections, the navigator switches to realistic views of complicated interchanges. Bright colored arrow and highway signs help you stay on the proper course to your destination.

Route Avoidance is an adjustable route-planning feature with options to avoid tolls, highways, and other unwanted points. For most major roads in Europe and U.S., you can make use of speed limit indicator. Combined with Trip Planner, you can configure everything before you start riding.


It also works with BaseCamp software. The computer program makes it easier to plan or create complete routes on a bigger screen. Ready-to-use planned trip can contain all POIs available from the start to the end of your ride.

Curvy Roads

The route is ready to use once you download it to your zumo 390LM. Another interesting feature is Curvy Roads, which is an on-board automated route planning function. After entering any destination, the navigator uses a routing algorithm to determine several route options which have most curves.

Curvy Roads can be combined with Route Avoidance function. There is track back functionality which guides you to the starting point through the same route you’ve traveled. Skipping waypoint is possible to get straightforward point A to point B guidance.

Built-in digital gauge

Built-in digital gauge is on the screen to let you know how much fuel left in the tank. To make sure your bike is always at its peak performance, the zumo 390LM has Service History Log that contains information about mileage, performed maintenance on many of motorcycle’s parts, and record date.

Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

An optional Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor is available. When paired with the navigator, you can constantly monitor tire pressure on the screen. Up to 4 optional sensors are supported; each tire requires a sensor.

Garmin zumo 590LM

Navigational functions in the zumo 390LM are the same with 590LM, but the latter brings major improvements in many respects including screen, maps, and additional features.

It has 5-inch transflective display which produces 800 x 480 pixels resolution; so the betterment is not only in size, but also clarity with more pixel density.

It even has Up Ahead feature to constantly display all upcoming POIs without disrupting the main map view.

In terms of connectivity, zumo 590LM has Bluetooth technology but the function is extended. Pairing it with Bluetooth-enabled helmet or headset is still possible, and you can control Pandora Internet radio installed on a connected smartphone via the navigator’s screen too.

If you are using Smartphone Link app and subscribe to Garmin services, you will receive update about weather, traffic, and speed camera locations. Even when you don’t use any subscription and Internet radio, you can still make use of the Bluetooth connectivity by utilizing locations-saving feature and listen to music with its built-in MP3 player.

Disclaimer: Information provided is believed correct and true to the best of our ability, however, GPS Compared is not responsible for typographical errors or incorrect data. To report any errors, please contact GPSCompared or visit the official Garmin product page for details specifications.