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Garmin babyCam Specs & Features

If you are familiar with Garmin’s line of car navigational accessories, this Garmin babyCam can be considered another version of Wireless Backup Camera, but this time it works to monitor a baby in the backseat.

Garmin babyCam Specifications And Features

Specs & Features

Garmin in-vehicle Video Baby Monitor
Garmin babyCam
Garmin babyCam
Garmin babyCam
Introduction DateGarmin babyCam was introduced by Garmin on October 15, 2015
Specs & Features
Physical & Performance
Dimensions (WxHxD)86.5 x 39.9 x 43.7 mm
Weight53.0 g (not including batteries)
ResolutionVGA (640 x 480)
Frame rate30 FPS
External power adapterYes (not included)
Battery Type2 AA Batteries (not included)
Battery ChargingNo
Night VisionYes
Wireless connectivityYes (2.4 GHz)
Check for PassengersYes
Official Specs and Features
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Compatible Devices

Garmin babyCam is compatible with the following devices
dezl™ 570LMT

dezl™ 770LMTHD

dezlCam™ LMTHD

nüvi® 2457LMT

nüvi® 2497LMT

nüvi® 2539LMT

nüvi® 2557LMT

nüvi® 2558LMTHD

nüvi® 2559LMT

nüvi® 2577LT

nüvi® 2589LMT

nüvi® 2597LMT

nüvi® 2598LMTHD

nüvi® 2599LMTHD

nüvi® 2639LMT

nüvi® 2689LMT

nüvi® 2699LMTHD

nüvi® 2789LMT

nüvi® 55

nüvi® 55LM

nüvi® 55LMT

nüvi® 56

nüvi® 56LM

nüvi® 56LMT

nüvi® 57

nüvi® 57LM

nüvi® 57LMT

nüvi® 58

nüvi® 58LM

nüvi® 58LMT

nüvi® 65LM

nüvi® 65LMT

nüvi® 66LM

nüvi® 66LMT

nüvi® 67LM

nüvi® 67LMT

nüvi® 68LM

nüvi® 68LMT

nüviCam™ LMTHD



In times when you have to take your baby for a drive, it can be difficult to focus on the road while keeping an eye on the baby at the same time. There are indeed plenty of safety features you can install, but a baby can be unpredictable at times and therefore you have to always stay alert.

Pair with your Garmin Navigator

A conventional baby monitor cannot be used in a car, but Garmin babyCam can probably help to solve this problem. It functions almost in the same way as any baby monitor, but it works in car and can be paired with many of the company’s car GPS.

The camera is small, measuring at only 86.5mm W x 39.9mm H x 43.7mm D and weighing at 53.0 grams. It records videos in 640 x 480 pixels resolution at 30 frames per second.

It is designed to deliver video feed through wireless connectivity to a compatible car GPS from Garmin. When paired with a compatible Garmin navigation device you can switch view from main driving map to video feed on-demand with a single press.

If your Gamin navigational device has voice-activated function, you can switch by using spoken command as well. Many Garmin nuvi navigators are compatible as well as several dezl devices, and one RV navigator.

Garmin babyCam is packaged with headrest mount and power cable which doubles as wireless video and traffic receiver. Headrest mount is a bracket with twist-to-clamp mechanism to place the camera at the headrest of car seat.

You can install it on the front or back seat depending on the position of your baby. To sync the camera with an existing Garmin car navigational device, you need to connect the car GPS to the power cable packaged with babyCam.

Because this power cable also functions as traffic receiver, you will not lose traffic update feature. Once both devices are paired, live video feed will be displayed on the navigator’s screen.

Another good thing from babyCam is night vision. Thanks to this feature, you will not have to turn on the interior light to see your little passenger. It is possible to adjust the viewing angle to get better shot and focus.

The camera runs on AA batteries or USB power cord. For long journey, you may want to use an external power adapter or AA batteries to keep the camera recording. Once you switch from main driving map to video feed from babyCam, you can switch back manually or automatically by using preset duration options from 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

Anytime you arrive at your destination, the babyCam gives an alert for you to check the backseat of your car. It also gives alert for low battery power.

A compatible Garmin car navigator can be paired with up to four additional cameras including wireless backup camera. For example, if your car already has a backup camera, you can pair the navigator with three babyCam units. Multiple video feeds can be displayed on the navigator’s screen.

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