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Arccos Golf Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat Tracking System

The Across Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat tracking system is a single package containing 14 sensors meant to be attached to all of your golf clubs.

Arccos Golf Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat Tracking System

Arccos Golf
Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf Real-Time GPS
View the model availability and current price from Amazon.comArccos Golf Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat Tracking System
Includes 14 sensors, one for each club.

No charging or additional equipment required.

Download the free iPhone app from the App Store.

Compatible with the iPhone 4s and up.
Official Specs and Features
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View the model availability and current price from Amazon.comArccos Golf Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat Tracking System


Arccos SensorSensors should be paired with a compatible iPhone to get accurate and detailed reading of your game including fairways hit, distances, back of green, and putts.

It is a fully automatic system that works in the background to feed statistics to your iPhone. Once they are paired, there is no need to do anything else.

Pair, Play, Review, and Improve

Arccos tracking system works by four simple schemes: pair, play, review, and improve. Each of the 14 sensors needs to be attached to the grip end of your golf club and paired to a compatible iPhone.

To do this you need to download and install free Arccos app from the App Store. It is currently compatible only with iPhone 4s and later. There is no additional device required, and you don’t have to press a button or tap some options both on the phone and sensors.

Even power buttons are nonexistent on the sensors. They automatically work to record your statistics. Your phone and the sensors are connected via Bluetooth 4.0.


Every Arccos sensor is powered by a standard battery that lasts for about 50 rounds. Some golf clubs are used more often than others (such as putter and driver), so you may need to replace the batteries on the sensors more often as well.

Golf Courses

Arccos database includes more than 18,000 golf courses in United States and Canada, and it updates the database for every new course in those two countries.

Sensors Weigh

The sensors weigh is less than 12 grams.

Tour Analytics Platform

All the statistics are acquired, compiled, and analyzed by Arccos’ proprietary Tour Analytics Platform. The system tracks your strokes, and analyzes the distance for every hole.

Simple distance overview is displayed in bird’s eye view, but you also get deeper analysis from the platform for example average club uses, distance, and GiR percentage too.

Once you open the app, sensors and iPhone work in real-time to record statistics and provide detailed analysis in the platform. Past rounds are also stored for you to compare with current performance.

Share Your Statistic

The data even shows how every shot impacts your overall game. It is even possible to share your statistic to social media such as Facebook and Twitter directly from the Arccos app. Arccos also offers Player Dashboard account with which you can analyze your statistic after the game on iPhone or computer.


Arccos Golf is an innovation partner of Callaway Golf and one of the first companies to offer fully automatic golf-tracking system with real-time analysis feedback.

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