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Bushnell NEO XS GPS Watch Specs & Features

BUSHNELL NEO XS GPS 200XThe NEO XS GPS Watch by Bushnell comes with an improvement on features over the manufacturer’s previous devices including the NEO+ and NEO-X.

The Bushnell NEO XS GPS Watch offers longer battery life, circular design, pre-loaded maps, automatic course recognition, and more.

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Among other features, the ease-of-use is also a good thing that user will not need to adjust almost anything but choosing the course. Once the battery is fully charged, the watch is ready to go. As expected, basic watch functions including alarm, timer, and stopwatch are available.


Compared to its predecessors, NEO XS actually brings more conventional appearance with its circular design resembling a traditional wristwatch.

Besides the design, Bushnell also makes the watch more lightweight; as a matter of fact, it is Bushnell’s thinnest and lightest golf watch. It is available in three different colors including Black/Yellow, White/Cobalt, and Charcoal/Orange.

Golfing Features

NEO-XS has a considerable amount of features in terms of golfing such as the preloaded maps and auto course recognition. There are more than 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries included in the watch.

You can update the maps, and you will not have to pay any membership or download fee. As the name suggests, automatic course recognition feature allows the watch to instantly recognize any course nearby your location. There will be probably some courses listed, and you must choose the correct course before you begin to play golf.

The watch will show distances from wherever you are standing on the course to the front, middle, and back of green on the current hole. Apart from those, Bushnell’s NEO-XS has the ability to display hazard layup with up to four distances and measure shot distance.

The watch comes with the auto hole advance feature, meaning the watch automatically switches to the current hole as you play any round. This feature activates based on your current location on the golf course.

Auto advancing automatically kicks in when you are on or near a tee box. It will not activate when you are playing on the same hole even from other fairways.

Additional Features

The battery life of NEO-XS is worth highlighting as the manufacturer claims it can provide power for up to 3 rounds before you have to recharge again.

Furthermore, there is an auto-off option which turns off GPS connectivity from the watch to conserve battery power. Pedometer function is as well included to track the time of your round and the distance you have travelled.

Bushnell also equips this watch with Tee Time Start, which is basically a timer to program the NEO-XS to automatically turn on when it is time for your next round. It will activate GPS connectivity seven minutes before the actual tee time.

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