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GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System – From Tee To Green

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GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System

The GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System

In golf, either you are a professional athlete or simply an enthusiast, properly accurate data recording can help you understand the game, leading to good improvement.

Perhaps it will be useful if you see the data after the game is over so you can analyze everything more comfortably.  The GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System tries to solve such common problem; it captures real-time game data shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole over satellite imagery silently in the background.

How It Works

GAME GOLF Digital Tracking Device is not a wristwatch or any device featuring a screen where you can see game data immediately after taking every shot. This is a simple device that you can wear or attach to your belt.

It comes with 18 tags for golf clubs, USB cable, and protective pouch. You will need to attach a tag to the end of a golf club. The good thing is that it screws in easily to the top of the grips. To begin data recording, you will need to tap the tag against GAME GOLF main unit that you wear on the belt.

The main unit has GPS and chip reader to recognize every club you are using. There are two types of data compiled including the club in use and where you hit. After making the shot, you will have to go to where the ball lands.

Before you make the second shot, tap the tag again to let GAME GOLF know the distance of the first shot. You have to repeat such procedures before every hit to get full game data.

Background Data Tracking

The best thing is that game data recording happens in the background, allowing you to play golf more naturally without worrying about any statistic during gameplay.

All statistics can be accessed after the game by connecting GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System to your computer via USB. Since it uses satellite imagery, all shots are visualized by satellite photos of the golf course. By looking at the pictures, you can see every shot you make along with distances.

You can see every shot in birds-eye view, allowing to understand your game even better and to analyze your progress. The platform even makes it possible for you to edit the data. Since data recording happens in the background, it is not necessary to input or change any configuration while you are playing.

In case you forget to tap the tag before every next shot, GAME GOLF will not be able to measure it accurately. In fact, it will combine shot distance of two shots into one. The possibility to edit the data is a good idea to make some corrections when necessary.

Upload and Share

All uploaded data will be stored and displayed on your computer in easy-to-understand dashboard view with which you will be able to analyze your progress over time. You can upload or share every achievement you make via social media too.

It is also compatible with iOS devices so you can see the statistics from your smartphone. Android version is not yet available.

Official Product Website

Learn more about GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System from the manufacturer site of

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