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TomTom Runner Cardio Specifications and Features

TomTom Runner Cardio

If you are familiar with TomTom devices, the new TomTom Runner Cardio is simply the improved version of the original Runner from the company.


Specifications and Features

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch
TomTom Runner Cardio
ModelTomTom Runner Cardio
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Key Specifications & Features
Weight and Dimensions
Battery lifetimeUp to 8 hours (GPS+HR), up to 10 hrs
Display size0.85” x 1”
Display resolution144x168
Weight0.22 oz
Strap Length9.17 inches
Sensors(Internal)Motion sensor, compass, optical heart rate monitor
Sensors(wireless)Bluetooth Smart
AlertsBeep & Vibrate
Water Resistance
Waterproofing165 feet (5 ATM)
Heart RateYes (Heart Rate Monitor – Optional Accessory)
Indoor RunningYes
Outdoor RunningYes
Dedicated Bike mountNo
RacePast activities + favourites
GoalsTime, distance or calories
ZonePace or Heart Rate
LapsTime, distance or manual
Supported Language
LanguagesEnglish/ Spanish/ German/ French/ Italian
Official Specs and Features
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One of the biggest refinements found in the new Runner Cardio over its predecessor is the built-in heart rate monitor. It eliminates the needs for wearing a separate chest strap accessory to get heart rate information while you are exercising.

It has a considerably good range of training features such as Race, Zone, Goal, etc. You can even use it when running indoors. The highlights of this new GPS runner watch are briefly outlined below.


The box contains a runner cardio watch, a desk dock, and a manual instruction. The watch itself is actually a separate part from the strap, meaning you can pull out the main unit from the strap for charging or connecting it to a computer.

When the main unit and the strap are put together, they weigh 0.22 oz (62 grams). Display size is 0.85-inch x 1-inch with the resolution of 144 x 168 pixels. There is no physical button around the display, but you can access or navigate through the menu by using a big button located below the display; this button basically acts like a joystick.

The built-in heart rate monitor works by using optical sensor in the backside of the watch. It measures your heart rate via the wrist. The rubber strap actually helps to keep external lights outside, so it does not disrupt or alter the accuracy of the heart rate measurement.

This runner watch is powered by a rechargeable battery, and you can recharge the power by connecting it to a computer through the desk dock.

Training Features

Its GPS function automatically detects your current location as you begin an activity. The good thing is that Runner Cardio uses both GPS and GLONASS (Russian-based positioning system) services to access your location, so it is expected to be more accurate.

The optical sensor works automatically as well, and the measurement is displayed in beats per minute. Runner Cardio will also measure other variables including Pace/Speed and Distance/Calories.

The available training menu includes Goal, Race, Zone, Laps, and Intervals. Goal menu allows you to set up certain target based on time, distance, or calories. The watch will keep on tracking your current position relative to the target.

Especially for zone mode, you can choose to determine your targeted zone by using heart rate or pace. If you want to use the heart rate option, however, you need to wear an additional Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor.

Runner Cardio can store previous running records, which can be useful in Race mode where you will have to race against your previous lap record.

Personal Profile

For more accurate measurement, it is recommended that you provide personal profile information including weight, age, height, and gender. This allows the Runner Cardio to more accurately measure every variable when you are running indoors, for example on a treadmill.

Without GPS function, this runner watch will deliver your statistics based on your arms swing. It is as well recommended to manually calibrate the statistics calculated by the watch with ones displayed on the treadmill. The calibration will be used as a reference for the next indoor running activity.

Note: I personally do not own this product. Information provided is believed correct and true to the best of my ability, however, GPS Compared is not responsible for typographical errors or incorrect data. Please visit the official TomTom products page (as provided below) for details specifications.

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