Essential Features to Look For in Garmin nuvi GPS

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Overview on Garmin

Garmin has been dealing in the GPS industry for more than 20 years; now, it is probably true to say that it is a leading company in the market. Founded in Taiwan in 1990, Garmin grows rapidly and produces many different navigation systems for cars, motorcycles, trucks, pedestrians, athletes, and more. One of the most popular line of products is the nuvi series (car GPS).

Garmin has created plenty of model numbers under this series; basically, each new model will introduce certain advancements. However, some features are well-maintained; many new models are attached with essential features as mentioned below. Some features mentioned below are only available on more expensive models.

Lane Assist

As the name suggest, Lane Assist shows the proper lane to take on freeways. In metropolitan area, this feature is extremely useful to avoid confusions. Normally, there are some lanes on the road; Lane Assist uses an arrow to inform driver about the proper lane to take based on the destination.

Junction View

This feature can be very useful when combined with Lane Assist. Junction View is a navigational aid that displays the appropriate lane you should be driving.  while in an active route. It helps to notice and recognize any available turning, and with the help of Lane Assist, the driver should be immediately informed about which turning and lane to take.

And with PhotoReal™ Junction View (available only in newer and more expensive nuvi models), drivers can navigate tricky junctions with an accurate images of upcoming exits and junctions on active route. Please note that Junction View is not available in all areas.

Speed Limit Display

If the road implements speed limit regulation, Garmin will produce a distinct visual alert to warn the driver. This feature is actually available even in some older models.

Lifetime Traffic Updates

Lifetime Traffic Updates basically allow drivers to receive any latest information about the traffic. Garmin constantly updates traffic-related information such route changes, on-going construction, traffic jam, etc. Garmin provides this service free of charge. Traffic content not available for all areas. See traffic coverage areas. Also available is Garmin HD Digital Traffic® delivers updates as often as every 30 seconds over the HD Radio™ system, this Free lifetime HD Digital Traffic is included with select Prestige series nüvis. See HD Traffic coverage.

Lifetime Map Updates

One of the most useful features of Garmin car GPS is the availability of map updates on a quarterly basis. Similar to Lifetime Traffic, this feature is as well freely available from the company’s website. Users will not need to pay annual or monthly subscription fee to receive the updated maps up to 4 times a year. Furthermore, there is no expiration date; as long as the device is compatible with the new maps, the updates will be available. Most new models even include Lifetime Traffic and Map updates in one product.

Voice Command

Some older models feature voice navigation, meaning that the GPS device will use spoken language to say street names and direct drivers. This technology has been refined; new models also allow users to command the device by simply speaking out the menu options. This features available to new and more expensive models. Driver will be able to keep the hands on the steering wheel while accessing navigation menus on the Garmin car GPS. Click here to check What voice languages are compatible with voice activated navigation GPS.


The availability of Bluetooth technology makes it possible to pair the GPS device with any compatible mobile phone. Thanks to this technology, drivers will not need to handle the mobile phone or use any additional accessory such as headset to have the conversation. Users are able to listen and speak directly via the GPS device. Check your supported mobile phone with your Bluetooth-enabled GPS

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