Fitbit Alta vs Flex

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Fitbit Alta vs Flex comparison. While the market for smartwatches is dominated by phone manufacturers, the same thing does not apply to fitness trackers. Companies like Fitbit and Garmin are still pretty much taking huge portions of the entire industry, making the market more competitive and beneficial for consumers.


Unlike smartwatches which often suffer from battery life, fitness trackers are more specialized devices and therefore equipped with specific features only, hence more efficient power. Some of them do offer smartphone notifications feature, but it is an addition to step counter, sleep monitor, and calories calculator.

The Fitbit Alta and Fitbit  Flex, fit into the category well; they offer basic activity tracking functions with some additional features.

Fitbit Alta

Released less than a year ago, Fitbit Alta is a relatively new device. It does all basic functionalities of a modern activity tracker such as auto calculation of steps taken, distance covered, sleeping time, inactivity period with reminder to move, auto exercise recognition, and smartphone notifications.

It uses the same app as other Fitbit trackers do, and now it has a newly added feature called Sleep Schedule. Besides measuring steps, calories, and distance, the sleep monitoring is enhanced for better accuracy with the following options:

  •  Sleep Goal: based on activity statistics recorded on the device, the app recommends target sleep hours, so users can adjust (increase or decrease) resting time for healthier lifestyle.
  • Wake up Target: Fitbit Alta analyze past sleeping patterns to determine ideal bedtime and wake up time schedules. Users still have options to override the recommendation and do manual settings in accordance to their daily routines.
  • -Reminders: the option to set silent wake alarm on the tracker or notifications on smartphones for the sleeping/waking up schedule. It reminds you to sleep and wake up every day.
  • Sleep Schedule Chart: a history of bedtime and waking up time consistency to see whether or not users meet their goals.

Because all Fitbit activity trackers use the same apps, Sleep Schedule function is available for all of them. The Alta is a user-friendly device with straightforward interface. It also has modular design, allowing users to swap the band with fashionable designer accessories.

Fitbit Flex

Announced at CES 2013, Fitbit Flex is a much older device than the Alta. In fact, the original Flex has been replaced by Flex 2. Unlike today’s modern activity trackers, Fitbit Flex comes only with a handful of features and it does not have a screen for alphanumeric display. You can consider this a traditional activity tracker equipped with bare minimum requirements by today’s standards.

Fitbit Flex is a simple device that tracks steps, calories, distance, sleep, and that’s about it. The device does not have smartphone notification function. However, there is Bluetooth syncing that automatically updates statistics to a connected smartphone. It will update your statistics on regular basis even when you are still wearing it.

Although it is no longer a new device in the company’s lineup, Fitbit Flex is still a capable device compared to many later models in the market. It relies on internal accelerometer to count the number of steps and calories you burn.

Since you are required to sync the device with an online Fitbit account, all measurements are based on personal perimeters such as weight, age, and height. These are necessary when registering an account.

It also monitors sleep quality by comparing length of sleep and how many times you wake up. You have to manually activate and deactivate sleep monitoring feature by tapping the screen until the device vibrates.

Instead of using a screen, Fitbit Flex comes with a line of five small LED lights that blink to indicate status or how far behind you are behind the goal.

For example, the daily step count goal for one day is 10,000 and the tracker shows progress by lighting up the LEDs one by one. When all lights illuminate, it means goal has been achieved. As soon as the goal is reached, all lights blink in random pattern and the tracker itself gives a haptic feedback. You can also set your own goal in Fitbit website.

One of the best features of Fitbit Flex is the fact that it is water-resistant. As an activity tracker, it must be on your wrist all day long even while you are asleep and in the shower. It makes sure that all steps and calories are all put into the calculation for better accuracy.

Fitbit Alta vs Flex comparison Pricing

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