Garmin Forerunner 10 Features

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forerunner 10

Forerunner series from Garmin has been around for a while now. There are already many popular model numbers and all of them are GPS-enabled. The most recently available model is Forerunner 10 which is the cheapest Garmin GPS-enabled. sport watch to date.

Details specifications and features are as per below table.

Garmin Sports / Running GPS
Garmin Forerunner 10
ModelsGarmin Forerunner 10
Garmin Forerunner 10
View the current price from AmazonGarmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch (Black/Red)
The Features
Unit dimensions, WxHxD:Black/Red: 1.79” x 2.25” x 0.62” (4.55 cm x 5.72 cm x 1.57 cm);

Pink/White & Green/White: 1.58” x 2.05” x 0.62” (4.01 cm x 5.22 cm x 1.57 cm)
Display size, WxH:Black/Red: 0.98” x 0.94” (2.5 cm x 2.4 cm);

Pink/White & Green/White: 0.81” x 0.77” (2.1 cm x 2.0 cm)
Display resolution, WxH:55 x 32 pixels
Weight:Black/Red: 43 g (1.5 oz);

Pink/White & Green/White: 36 g (1.3 oz)
Battery:rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life:5 weeks in power save mode;

5 hours in training mode
Water resistant:yes (50m)
High-sensitivity receiver:yes
History:7 activities
Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data):yes
Auto Pause® (pauses and resumes timer based on speed):yes
Auto Lap® (automatically starts a new lap):yes
Customizable screen(s):yes
Shock Resistant:yes
Sport watch:yes
Additional:Virtual Pacer™ (compares current running pace to target): yes
Personal Records: yes
Run/walk feature: yes
What's Unavailable
Ability to add maps:no
Accepts data cards:no
Heart rate monitor:no
Bike speed/cadence sensor:no
Foot pod:no
Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to your computer):no
Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person):no
Virtual Racer™ (compete against other activities):no
Courses (compete against previous activities):no
Auto Scroll (cycles through data pages during workout):no
Multi-sport (changes sport mode with a press of a button):no
Advanced workouts (create custom, goal-oriented workouts):no
Pace alert (triggers alarm if you vary from preset pace):no
Time/distance alert (triggers alarm when you reach goal):no
Vibration alert: (choose between alert tones and/or vibration alert):no
Interval training (set up exercise and rest intervals):no
Heart rate-based calorie computation:no
Swim metrics (stroke type, stroke count and pool lengths):no
Training Effect (measures impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness):no
Barometric altimeter:no
Unit-to-unit transfer (shares data wirelessly with similar units):no
Power meter compatible (displays power data from compatible 3rd party ANT+™-enabled power meters):no
Temperature (displays and records temperature while you ride):no
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It is equipped with GPS function and available in 3 different colors (black, red, and green). Aside from the GPS feature, this little wristwatch also offers other functions designed to accompany your running activities.

Basically, it will count speed, distance, average pace, and calories burned. As a regular watch, Forerunner 10 also looks nice.

Garmin designed this Forerunner 10 to make the training easier. To begin, press the top right button to activate the GPS receiver. Once the satellites locate your position, the screen will display a stopwatch-like interface.

Simply press the same button again and the watch will start counting your time and distance covered. You may also view calories burned and pace by pressing the down-arrow button. The numbers are also easy to read on its 55 x 32 resolution screen.

It is possible to save the statistic and upload it to Garmin Connect. You will need to connect the watch to computer using a USB cable. Forerunner 10 is compatible with PC and Mac.

One of the best features of Garmin Forerunner 10 is virtual pacer. It is actually a simple function that allows you to set a goal pace before running. The watch will compare it to the actual running pace and provide an alert each time you are ahead, behind, or exactly at the same pace as targeted.

Garmin Forerunner 10 is a sport watch which is equipped with GPS-based data counter and some training tools to motivate the runner.

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